PRP use with Orthopedic

Platelet activation plays a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue
healing. The use of platelet rich plasma (PRP), a portion of the patient's
own blood having a platelet concentration above baseline, to promote healing
of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles, and joints, can be applied to
various musculoskeletal problems.
It was used as early as the 1990s in maxillo-facial and plastic surgery. PRP
injections are prepared from one to a few tubes of the patient's own blood
with strict aseptic technique. After being centrifuged, the activated
platelets are injected into the abnormal tissue, releasing growth factors
that recruit and increase the proliferation of reparative cells. Ultrasound
imaging may or may not be used to guide the injection.

Several clinical studies have demonstrated that PRP injections have improved
function and decreased pain to various maladies, including - but not limited
to - elbow, wrist, shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle tendonosis. Early work is
also showing promise for osteoarthritis.

The side effects of PRP injections are very limited as the patient is
utilizing their own blood, which they should have no reaction to. Some
relative rest is needed immediately following the procedure, then usually
followed by a progressive stretching and strengthening program.

What is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a safe, effective and all natural way
to heal damaged joints and soft tissue in order to alleviate chronic pain.
PRP consists of a small sample of your own blood, spun in a centrifuge to
concentrate the platelets and then injected into the injured area.

PRP has been used for over 20 years in numerous surgical fields to enhance
bone grafting, accelerate wound healing and reduce the risk of infection
after surgery. Medical research and intensive studies are leading the way to
the tremendous benefits offered by PRP for joint pain, soft tissue injuries,
low back disc degeneration, and arthritis, with the goal of enhancing the
body's ability to naturally heal itself.