National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Study enrolling hospitalized adults with COVID-19 in Nebraska.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to offer supplementary support for designs that can be developed into products on a rapid timeframe.

Statement for World Hearing Day on March 3 from NIDCD Director Dr. Debara Tucci.

Men in the study received an antioxidant supplement with vitamins C, E and D, selenium, l-carnitine, zinc, folic acid and lycopene.

The respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus poses complex challenges to the global public health, research and medical communities.

NIH-funded study reports advance in blood-based detection of ptau181, a biomarker of Alzheimer’s disease.

Addition of hospital data informs estimates for families making treatment decisions.

Variability in sleep duration and timing may represent new and independent heart disease risk factor.

NIH-funded project in mice provides insights into why nerves fail to regrow following injury.

More than 80 million body CT scans are performed every year in the U.S., but prognostic information on body composition is typically overlooked.