National Institutes of Health (NIH)

In the largest exercise research program of its kind, researchers are poised to turn data into comprehensive maps of the molecular changes in the body.

Fully automated approach to cervical cancer screening as a follow-up to a positive HPV test outperformed the standard method.

Results suggest our brains use internet search engine strategies to remember words and memories of past experiences.

Genomic variants that cause common periodic fever have spread in Mediterranean populations over centuries, potentially protecting people from the plague.

NIH researchers put complex, high-resolution data within reach for many more scientists.

Unprecedented details of enamel structure may point to new ways to prevent or halt cavities.

She is expected to begin her new role as the NINR director in September.

The authors conclude that large, randomized, controlled trials of SARS-CoV-2 are the fastest and most effective path forward for establishing vaccine safety and efficacy.

Both methods highly effective at preventing HIV among men who have sex with men and transgender women.

Iodine solutions are commonly used as disinfectants to prepare the skin for surgical or other procedures.