National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH-funded study in mice merits further investigation as a potential treatment.

Safety data analyzed from five NIH inpatient clinical trials

Results from NIH-funded trial could extend patients’ well-being.

NIH-funded study finds higher risks for children of women who took efavirenz during pregnancy.

NIH-funded study halted due to safety concerns for youngest preterm infants.

Women in enclaves were less likely to have gestational diabetes, deliver preterm.

Studies in cell and animal models reveal insights into cancer cells’ vulnerability that could lead to new strategies against brain cancers.

Although EEE has existed for centuries, 2019 has been a particularly deadly year for the disease in the United States.

Shared platform to catalyze research collaboration toward biomarker discovery to advance the development disease therapies.

Children of first-time mothers, those in home-based childcare log most screen time.