National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Large PCORI-, NIH-funded trial examined multipronged intervention in real-world settings.

Comparing epigenetic differences between humans and domestic dogs provides an emerging model of aging.

Editorial outlines efforts at NIH to promote diverse workforce in neuroscience.

NIH preclinical study supports role for ancient retroviral genes in brain development and neurological disorders.

NIH study may help explain why the virus has rarely been found in fetuses or newborns of women with COVID-19.

The accomplishment opens a new era in genomics research.

NIH-sponsored Phase 1 trial tested mRNA vaccine

Gene expression data suggest potential role of sex chromosomes.

RADx efforts seek to create capacity for 6 million daily tests by the end of 2020, address underserved populations.

Multicenter HOPE Act study expands pool of available kidneys