National Institutes of Health (NIH)

NIH-funded findings also suggest less-than-expected transfer of maternal SARS-CoV-2 antibodies through placenta.

Anticoagulation drugs did not reduce the need for organ support.

NIH-funded findings highlight need for clinical trials to determine best treatment options.

Experimental monoclonal antibody not efficacious in Phase 3 trial.

NIH BRAIN Initiative scientists used machine learning to redesign a bacterial ‘Venus flytrap’ protein that can monitor brain serotonin levels in real time.

NIH-funded study suggests our brains may be more in tune with each other than we think.

Metabolic syndrome affects about 25% of adults and is on the rise, and its prevalence is even greater among patients with psoriasis.

NIH- and BARDA-funded trial will enroll up to 30,000 volunteers.

Very low birthweight infants often need blood transfusions to survive.

Results from a study of 19 deceased patients suggests brain damage is a byproduct of a patient’s illness.